Evidence Based Research


Evidence based research and outcomes based research are gaining in importance, to address concerns of costs and quality of healthcare. The users of these studies include health ministries, healthcare providers, drug and medical equipment manufacturers, insurance companies, private foundations and patients.

This type of research covers a broad spectrum of studies, mostly in real-life settings, including

  • Studies of variations in medical practice patterns
  • Effectiveness research that evaluate which medical treatments for specific health problems work best for whom,
  • Appropriateness studies that determine the circumstances in which a procedure should and should not be performed,

The studies will typically measure health outcomes – either through laboratory test results, or complication rates like infection.

Methods used

Constraints of carrying out large long term clinical trials is a major challenge for carrying out such studies, and typically the studies will either use existing computerized databases, or meta analysis, summarizing comparable findings from multiple studies, or simply questionnaires to evaluate a patient's well - being.

Benefits & Uses

Evidence based research studies can be used for

  • Establishing more effective clinical guidelines
  • Setting benchmarks and standards for healthcare providers
  • Developing cost-effective health plans that will benefit both the medical insurance companies and patients

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