Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars in the drug development process, from identification of molecules, to testing, to clinical trials and finally post marketing activities. The approval process is stringent, and investments are particularly heavy in pre - clinical developmentsand clinical trials.

It is estimated that a significant % of clinical trials are not approved, or are inconclusive, because of improper biometrics, or badly documented trials – that includes design of experiments, sample size estimation, data management and biostatistics. These are now considered as critical drivers in research and development.

With our Biometrics competencies, we will work with you right from design phase (study design and database design) to final analysis.

With a variety of new strains from existing diseases, and recognition of several causes and effects as drivers of incidence and prevalence of diseases, many pharmaceutical companies are carrying out prevalence studies which in turn lead to innovation and research initiatives. These studies help in many ways eg. estimation of potential demand for medical facilities, drugs or treatments, assessment of risk factors and preventive processes, and economic impact of a disorder.

We have developed quality criteria to conduct successful prevalence study and sponsors can bank on us to manage entire study: from design to reporting phase.

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