Non Profit Organizations

Health is represented in three out of the eight Millennium Development Goals, that represent the historic commitment that 189 countries made to improve the welfare and health of the world’s poor. Hence combating child malnutrition, improving maternal health and fighting HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases has been the focus of many of the largest non-profit organizations in the world. In healthcare, non-profit organizations are seen to be the "third sector" which after Government and Private Sector which alone contributes towards both health issues of development as well as channelizing focused donor funds into our health systems.

Some of the challenges that non-profit organizations have include assessing whether the low cost interventions are reaching the masses, whether the beneficiary was able to carry on with the committed treatment program and finally whether impact of the health delivery program was as planned.

Medicounts works with NGOs on three specific areas:

  • In research and development, to identify the most cost effective treatment as well as look at diseases neglected by the commercial sector
  • In assessing prevalence of diseases among identified target segments for global donor funds that dedicate themselves to specific diseases
  • In assessing effectiveness of healthcare delivery where there are large scale public-private partnerships reaching the affected and analytics needs to assess impact among the targeted beneficiaries

Impact Assessment

World Health Organization offers a holistic interpretation of health where any development project will have significant human health impact. These could arise due to direct or indirect influences, but mostly developmental projects are expected to have beneficial effects on health and well-being.

Health Impact Assessment (HIA) has been defined as "a combination of procedures, methodsand tools by which a policy, program or project may be judged as to itspotential effects on the health of a population, and the distribution ofthose effects within the population". HIA is essentially evidence based research where evidence is sought on the type of health effect that can be caused, the data on "dose-response" relation and finally data collected on the "current dose".

Medicounts offers this service to large non profits as well as to specific private sector funded projects

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