In developing countries, Hospitals still face the challenges of scarcity of beds and lack of skilled human resources. This paucity along with the rise in both infectious and non communicable diseases is placing a tremendous strain on the health care resources. And worldwide, the costs of healthcare are going through the roof

It is time for hospitals and health care service providers to adopt strategy based on analytics and insights in order to increase operational efficiency as well as patient outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs. Integration of data allows for hospitals to not only track physicians on quality of outcome but also arrive at the "Most effective treatment"; algorithm based on evidence based medicine.

Medicounts can work with multiple sources of data:

  • Clinical data (across investigated and sponsored trials)
  • Patient behaviour and sentiment data (both system generated and survey based)
  • Pharmaceutical data (pharmacy supply chain based as well as outcome tracking based)
  • Insurance Reimbursement data (both claims and costs data)

Medicounts uses sophisticated analytical offerings to help hospitals graduate from "Disease Care" to "Health Care".

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